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Brrrr… it’s so cold. So very cold.

Brian, being the robot that he is, can usually tolerate such conditions, however there is something that is making Brian freeze up inside. It’s his heart.

He fell asleep last night in the normal way that he does – curled up on the floor in the middle of his favorite server farm – but he awoke to a strange emptiness in his chest. He looked down and saw a gaping hole where his heart once was. How will he ever love again?

If he falls you must be there to pick him up, if he loses his way you must be there to guide him back to his path. You must challenge death itself for it is meaningless, only life, love and Brian exist.

My dad says: “It’s the best iPhone game I’ve ever played! Though it is the only iPhone game I’ve ever played… will you get me an iPhone for my birthday?”

My partner says: “Awesome, that is actually really fun! So… are you ever going to get a proper job, or is this it?”

The person I buy my coffee from says: “Wow, that is pretty cool! But you’re kind of holding up the line here.”

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