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Watch RITH on the Gadget Show helping create the Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

So a couple of weeks ago we got a call from our friends at the Gadget Show and they were wondering whether we could help them out with something very close to our hearts! An FPS called Battlefield and their dream to make an utterly immersive experience.  The incentive… getting our hands on the hottest game of the year well before anyone else would and playing on the Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator.

We genuinely can’t talk much about our involvement until the show airs, other than saying we did the Kinect Body Tracking and consulting on some of the other bits. The trailer, which has racked up an impressive 600,000 views on YouTube since yesterday, should give you an idea of how all the components (there were five specialist companies helping out) helped create something that has excited a lot of people in the gaming and military simulation world!

We’ll be releasing some more pics and information on how we developed our component after the show airs. Like our Facebook page to find out more and get sneak peeks at future work we do, well before anyone else knows about it.

The show airs on Channel 5 on the 24th of October in the UK. If we can get past the licensing issues we’ll post a recording here for our American friends!

Update: there is a huge buzz gathering around this episode, it’s been picked up by some of the biggest games and tech websites including Engadget and Kotaku! You can even see the RITH Macbook Pro on the Engadget behind the scenes photo gallery.

The trailer has now had more than 1,000,000 views on YouTube… fantastic!
The trailer has now had more than 2,000,000 views !! and even a parody! haha :)

Gadget Show Battlefield Simulator Kinect Hack

Update 2 :  watch the full episode

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